Mark Jackson and Ken Lehnig

Mar 21 2020 - 7:30 PM

Mark Jackson and Ken Lehnig

Ken Lehnig has been a songwriter, musician, singer, performer since his first band The Something Nu in 1964. Since then he has performed on stages all over California as a solo act and in a number of ensembles, including twenty years with the Burning Sage Band. He is currently producing a series of original, themed album projects of original material (co-produced with John Hildebrand), including The American Music Show (2015), Holding a Rose (2016), Dr. Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show (2018), and Broken Heart (2020). Ken’s piercing lyrics and direct vocal delivery make him an audience favorite.

Ken has also written and published three books of weird, wonderful, and dark poetry and short stories, as well as two horror/scifi/fantasy novels available most anywhere e-books are sold.

Mark Jackson, longtime Folk Heritage favorite, is a singer/songwriter whose music has traveled from the hills of Oklahoma to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Influenced by such greats as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Willie Nelson, Mark nurtures their heritage of storyteller and poet. Using a voice that enfolds the listener in depth of emotion, Mark creates a straight-talking Western/ American style of music which has become his own rich, signature sound. Some are blessed with a voice to sing and some are blessed with words that touch our hearts. Mark is blessed with the talents of both!

Mark is also a poet and author of the historical novel Tales of Zebediah Creed, with the bok two of the series, The Great Texas Dance, scheduled for release in June 2020.