Jeff Pekarek’s Panamerican Shanty

Nov 30 2018 - 7:30 PM

Jeff Pekarek’s Panamerican Shanty

Jeff is often seen locally as the bassist for The Benedetti Trio, The Peter Pupping Quartet, and Yale Strom. He was also the bassist for bluegrass legend Richard Greene, and a founding member of both the Jackstraws and the Electrocarpathians.

In 2010, drawing on decades of involvement in the world of sea chanteys and intrigued by the emerging exotica style, Jeff welded together a body of arrangements entitled Panamerican Shanty. Historically focused on San Diego in the 90 year period from 1880 to 1970, Panamerican Shanty utilizes not only sea chanteys, but many other folk music types, as diverse as the Argentine milonga and the East Mediterranean dances that eventually helped give rise to surf rock.

On November 30th, Jeff and friends will perform an evening of sea chanteys unlike any other, and provide a view into San Diego’s own musical identity that is seldom seen.

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