Nathan and Jessie – Robin Henkel

May 12 2017 - 7:30 PM

Nathan and Jessie - Robin Henkel

Two top notch local artists on one bill! Robin Henkel is a favorite Folk Heritage performer and a master fingerstyle guitarist. Nathan and Jessie are new to our stage as a duo, and are one of the most versatile, accomplished acts on the scene today.

Nathan and Jesse
2 resonator guitars, 1 accordion, female and male voice, 1 unforgettable performance! The duo has traveled all over the world on the streets and stages sharing their unique sound. They frequent Mexico and Europe, as well as New Orleans.

A fusion of jazzy folk and blues on National Reso-Phonic guitars and accordion, with interesting interplay between female and male vocals, their trilingual performances are uplifting, fun, and with a message for people of all ages and cultures.

Temecula is home to Nathan and Jessie, who play a hybrid of folk and swing jazz with a gypsy twist; the key is that their two guitars are both National steel resonators. They add accordion and … Rivera and Smith both sing, and they are tight on the harmonies… The songwriters seem to be able to nail catchy hooks….” San Diego Troubadour CD review.

Robin Henkel

Robin Henkel promises nothing, if not a surprise here and there. This is just the way the San Diego native is. He wants to shake things up, so expect the unexpected. As a guitar player, Robin can play blues, jazz, funk, country swing, Hawaiian and Latin music. He borrows from each of those styles when he performs and sometimes even surprises himself with the musical direction his songs take. “I like playing music”, he says. It just feels good. Henkel’s strength is when he picks up that sawed-off pipe fitting and puts it on his baby finger and then lays it on the strings of a resonator or Dobro. All of a sudden the awkward kid from Serra Mesa is transformed into the man in the corner at the Delta house party who commands everyone’s attention. When Robin plays slide guitar, he steals the show. You probably haven’t seen anything like this for years and you may not see it again anytime soon. -Mike Kinsman

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