Scarborough – Songs of Simon and Garfunkel

May 17 2019 - 7:30 PM

Scarborough - Songs of Simon and Garfunkel

If you saw Whitherward at our Train Song Festival last year, you’ll remember Ashley and Edward’s dynamite performance of original and cover tunes, including Simon and Garfunkel tune “A Poem On The Underground Wall.” We’ve convinced them to come on back to town and give us more of that!

Scarborough is the latest effort between indie-folk duo Whitherward’s harmony driven lead singers, Ashley E. Norton and Edward A. Williams. After two hard years on the road and 4 original EP releases, the pair decided to venture off into a project that feeds their souls with songs from one of their biggest inspirations – Simon & Garfunkel. It began by slowly turning most of their set list into songs by the band…on accident. The audience response to these covers was so overwhelming that the progression into a complete transformation was natural. And so now they play the roles of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel as Scarborough. Here we celebrate the biggest folk duo of the century…where poetry and harmony unite.