Shawn Rohlf and Friends – Pete Seeger’s 100th Birthday concert

May 3 2019 - 7:30 PM

Shawn Rohlf and Friends - Pete Seeger’s 100th Birthday concert

[Photo by Dennis Anderson the the San Diego Troubadour.]
Shawn Rohlf is a huge presence in the San Digo music scene, and in demand around the world. He’s a huge Pete Seeger fan and even played the role of Seeger in a musical called The Weavers Song. (He also beat out Steve Polz and Gregory Page in another Seeger audition.)

“Pete Seeger is probably one of the most important American musicians there ever was,” Rohlf says. “Everything from civil rights to playing for the unions to being blacklisted during the McCarthy era and cleaning up the Hudson River…. You’d be hard-pressed to find any musicians who’ve done as much for social change.”

Rohlf plays the banjo and, since Seeger is an inspiration of his, he can emulate the style. He knows most of Seeger’s songs and has even met him in person. He’s gathered some talents friends and is putting together a show with “theatrical elements” to augment the music. Here’s what we’re looking at so far – subject to change!

Kent Brisby, who wrote, directed and played Lee Hays in the “Weavers Song” in which Shawn played Pete was Musical Director. Steve Denyes, one half of Hullabaloo, who was also in that production as Fred Hellerman. Joey Harris, another local icon, lead guitarist for the Beat Farmers and nephew of Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio. Rosy Dawn Selwitz, singer, performer, theater arts professional. Wow!