Intl. Women’s Day w/ Cindy Lee Berryhill and CiCi Artimisia

Mar 9 2018 - 7:30 PM

Intl. Women's Day w/ Cindy Lee Berryhill and CiCi Artimisia

Cindy Lee Berryhill
Cindy Lee’s first album came out on Rhino Records in 1987; her latest, The Adventurist in 2017. She has collected a lot of stories and opinions along the way, and the skills with which to capture them in song.

“My family would say, ‘When the going gets rough, play music.’ I dove really far and really deep into the playing of music, and let the music carry me away. It was my happy place to go to while I went through my daily chores of caring for my husband and my son. It brought me a lot of joy. And it’s an escape — music is the place I go to. It’s the Enchanted Forest.” – Cindy Lee

“**** (4 stars) Her songs here are entrancing and compelling, while maintaining a winking sense of humor and a bit of casual quirkiness. …This record sounds like something she’s been quietly constructing over the last decade. It is the work of an artist who still feels like she has something to prove and not that of a coasting veteran. Of course, in the span of 30 years, she has only released seven records and she’s still a cult hero and not a big name. That should change.” – ABC News

CiCi Artimisia (the artist formerly known and loved as CiCi Porter)
Cici is a singer songwriter, performer and recording artist that delighted San Diego for twenty years in the award winning band Bordertown, and is known nationally for her work in the healing and prevention of child sexual abuse via her Journey to Wholeness Project. In both fields she has won local, regional and national honors and some of her songs have been featured in film and television.

A new situation in life has caused this artist formerly known as Cici Porter to choose her own name, in the midst of personal changes and subsequent creative renaissance. Artemis is the goddess of the moon, the hunt, and protectress of wild things and children. As Cici’s given name, Cynthia, is another name for this goddess, she is pleased to make it her own.

As of winter 2017, CiCi is finishing up her latest album, Mustard Seed.

“…a consistent standout… steeped in tradition but not bound to it.” – George Varga, San Diego Union

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