Gregory Page

Nov 19 2021 - 7:30 PM

Gregory Page

London born, Southern California based Gregory Page is an eclectic, prolific, genre-bending performing songwriter, balladeer, recording artist, film maker, art activist, music producer & published poet. With an extensive discography, Gregory Page has toured the world many times over from Australia to Europe and Asia having performed in a wide range of iconic venues such as London’s 02 Arena, headlining the main hall at the Paradiso in Amsterdam and international music festivals such as Woodford & Manly.

A third-generation musician, he grew up surrounded by family members who performed and recorded traditional Irish music. His parents were musicians who met while touring with their respective bands, “The Beat Chics” & “The Martians.”

With endearing stage presence, evocative lyrics, stunning guitar work and warm voice, Gregory Page seamlessly draws from imagination and experience transcending traditions of folk, Celtic, American Roots, Jazz, ragtime, blues, swing and French Romanticism into his own signature idiom critics are heralding as “ Americeltic”.

His newest album on Interrabang Records is titled One Hell of a Memory and is receiving warm international welcome and critical acclaim.

With their heavenly refrain, all of the contributors to one ‘Hell of a Memory’ elegantly enhance the lyrical intelligence and storytelling of Gregory Page himself, making this a rather superb thirty minutes or so of spectacular entertainment. ~Americana UK