A Night of Stories and Story-Songs w/ J Rathburn & M McPhie

Oct 14 2022 - 7:30 PM

A Night of Stories and Story-Songs w/ J Rathburn & M McPhie



We’ve got two masters of their crafts, luminaries in their respective fields, coming together for the first time. Joe knows songs for every occasion; Marilyn knows stories about every possible subject. It will be fun to see what happens when they collaborate on a set list!

Joe Rathburn, a true professional, has been entertaining and enchanting San Diego audiences since 1979, including over 1200 shows at the Tin Fish. His well-honed stage skills, extensive repertoire, brilliant guitar work, and masterful songwriting win over every audience. Since 2005, he’s hosted The Folkey Monkey, showcasing some of San Diego’s best local musical talent.

Marilyn McPhie has been telling stories professionally since 1985 and has performed for groups from preschool to adult, from Massachusetts to California. She has told stories for assemblies, classes and festivals, has lectured for several colleges and universities and has performed for schools, libraries, museums, civic and church groups and corporate and private gatherings. She has directed a troupe of student storytellers and has written reviews for national storytelling and parenting publications.

Marilyn is the President of the Storytellers of San Diego and recent Pacific Region Director for the National Storytelling Network. She has a degree in English and French literature and lives in San Diego, California in an area known as Penasquitos, which means “little bluffs” – an appropriate home for a storyteller.