Concerts & Events

February 28, 2020

Dan Levenson and the Cat Mountain Rounders

Dan is a multi-award winning performer, teacher, author and master of Appalachian old-time style fiddle and clawhammer banjo appears with his Tucson-based band, The Cat Mountain Rounders. (Fri., Poway, $20) ...

March 21, 2020

Mark Jackson and Ken Lehnig

Following the annual storytelling festival in the beautiful Encinitas Library, stick around for two gents that really know how to tell a tale - in prose OR in song. (Sat., ENCINITAS, $18)...

April 4, 2020

Peggy Watson, Dave Beldock, Paul Beach

One of San Diego's best voices, supported by the stellar guitar work of David Beldock and Paul Beach's bass, playing songs from their newest and "best ever" album - what else could you want? (Sat., Carlsbad, $18) ...

April 17, 2020

Mari Black & World Fiddle Ensemble

It's been a while, but our favorite young fiddler is back with some new prizes under her belt and some new tunes to share with her trio World Fiddle Ensemble. (Fri., Poway, $18)...

April 25, 2020

Ben Miller and Anita MacDonald

First time on our stage! Bringing their Scottish border pipes, Cape Breton fiddle, Garlic song and step dancing down from Cape Breton Island, this show will get your Celtic heart beating. (Sat., Carlsbad, $18)...