Interested in helping Folk Heritage make the world a better, more folky, place? Interested in gaining or sharpening your skills? Interested in meeting dedicated and sometimes quirky people? Interested in getting into our concerts for free? Volunteer! Use the contact form or email.

Featured Folk Heritage Volunteer Opportunities

Produce quarterly FolkNotes listing of upcoming events
6-8 hours per quarter

Web site maintenance
Perform minor WordPress fixes as needed. We’ve got a half dozen bugs that need attention.
1 hour/month

Membership coordinator
Manage membership list and send out reminders.
1-4 hours/month

Learn the Quickbook routine and be backup for the finance activities.
1 hour/month

Social media
Maintain YouTube and Instagram presence.
1 – 4 hours/month

Grant writing/sponsor outreach
Identify, organize and execute arts grants applications. Coordinate other donations.
As available

Festival coordination
Help organize and execute annual Sam Hinton or Train Song Festival.
As available in season

Design posters, t-shirts, etc.
As available

Volunteer outreach
Help find people to do all the other tasks!
As available