First Thing’s First with Reverend Stickman

We’re getting excited for this week’s concert featuring Robin Henkel and Reverend Stickman at Templar’s Hall in Poway, CA! Last week, we learned about some of Robin Henkel’s musical influences. Today, we get a look at one of Reverend Stickman’s first songwriting memories:


RS: “My first songwriting memory was when I was 11 years old. I had been playing guitar only a couple months. I was sitting up in my room and I started writing the lyrics, some of which I still remember today, and it remains one of my father’s favorite songs even though I really can’t perform the whole thing anymore. It was called ‘Sometimes.’ The chorus went like this:

I know and you know
Complaining does no good
I just wanted to tell you that I love you

We love Reverend Stickman all the time, and we’re glad he continued to follow his passion for playing and songwriting! Check out this 2011 performance of “Let’s Do Wrong” at Claire de Lune with Jenene Lambert on background vocals:

We hope to see you Friday, August 7th in Poway, CA for what we know will be a wonderful evening of music from two very talented local acts. Click here for more information and tickets!

Under the Influence with Robin Henkel

Greetings, music lovers! Welcome to another edition of Under the Influence, where we discover some of our favorite artists’ favorite artists. Today we’re featuring Robin Henkel, a beloved staple of the San Diego music scene. The Los Angeles Times called Robin both a “futurist and a historian,” but we’d also add that his live performances are about as in-the-moment as you can get. Robin’s sound and style meanders down various musical avenues, so we were excited to learn about some of his influences:

Robin Henkel - photo by Dave McGhee
Robin Henkel – photo by Dave McGhee

RH: “When I was eight to ten I heard a fair amount of Pete Seeger as well as other folk singers of the late 50s early 60s. About 1962 I heard Josh White. He knocked my socks off. Josh was not only a great performer of blues and spirituals, he was also a force for social justice. Years later I found out about the earthy visceral sound of the country blues–artists such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lightnin Hopkins, Skip James and Mississippi Fred McDowell. These bluesmen have had a strong influence on the way I sound today. Why? There is something moving and special about the primitive unrefined roughness of the rural blues of the Mississippi Delta. It reflects the harshness of the environment this music came from. It is a deep and influential root in American music.”

Interested in hearing more of these influential artists? Check out this playlist!

San Diego Folk Heritage is honored to host Robin Henkel with fellow local artist Reverend Stickman on Friday, August 7th. The all ages event will take place at Templar’s Hall in Old Poway Park (14134 Midland Rd. Poway, CA  92064). Admission is $15 for members and $18 standard – tickets are available at the door or online. See you there!

Four Play with The Dustbowl Revival’s Z. Lupetin

We had 4 questions for The Dustbowl Revival’s founder Zachary Lupetin. He had 4 answers. Lupetin and his Venice Beach-based band of merry men/women are headed to San Diego this Friday, April 3rd to perform at Templar’s Hall in Poway. This energetic young roots/jazz collective was named LA Weekly’s “Best Live Band” so we’re definitely looking forward to a barn-burner!

1.I see from your press page that many media outlets have used some fun descriptive words and metaphors to convey the essence of your band and your music. Now I’d like to hear how you describe The Dustbowl Revival.
I would describe The Dustbowl Revival as a brass band and a string band who had a baby. It’s a great confluence of roots music sounds that have been forged through five straight years of playing on the road.

2. Your tour schedule is packed! What’s one city/country you’ve never played in but would love to?
We have never played in Austin or New Orleans – love to make the pilgrimage down there soon.

3. Is there any song that has been banned for life in the tour van?
We try and avoid any smooth jazz in the van at all times.

4. It’s been a while since you’ve played in San Diego – what can first-time attendees expect from your award-winning live shows?
Our show in San Diego will showcase some of our newest material we are passionate about now – we never make a set list the same twice so it’s a discovery process we play with the audience.

THE DUSTBOWL REVIVAL “RIVERBOAT QUEEN” from The Dustbowl Revival on Vimeo.

San Diego friends, we hope you’ll join San Diego Folk Heritage in welcoming The Dustbowl Revival to our Poway Stage for a wonderful evening of live music. For tickets and information, please visit Full Press Release:

Under the Influence with Sidewinder’s Bruce Huntington

Just two days until our next San Diego Folk Heritage concert at Templar’s Hall in Poway, featuring Americana roots band Sidewinder w/ Los Angeles-based Rodger Maxwell opening. We had a chance to speak with Sidewinder’s own Bruce Huntington about his musical influences. Here’s what he had to say:

What artist or song was your greatest influence when you first started making music (and why)?
Although it is difficult to pinpoint one single songwriter, the name that pops to my mind is Bob Dylan. Nice melodies, but wonderful pictures always painted in his songs. Dylan knows how to draw in the listener with his words. I never tire of his songs.

What artist or song currently influences you (and why)?
I really like Tom Russell‘s ability to tell a story. He is perhaps my biggest influence these days. I recently wrote a song, “The First of Goliad” that is reminiscent of the Tom Russell style and full of religious concepts. Tom Russell can just about make any subject matter interesting and compelling. He is amazing! Ian Tyson, who co-composed songs with Tom Russell, is a close second. A crazy song that Tom Russell wrote that I love is “Tonight We Ride.” I don’t know where his ideas come from.

San Diego Folk Heritage invites you to witness the ways Bruce’s musical influences come through in his performance with Sidewinder this Friday in Poway!

Concert Information:
San Diego Folk Heritage Presents
Sidewinder w/ Rodger Maxwell
Friday, February 27th – 7:30pm
$18 ($15 members)
Templar’s Hall – Poway Park
Tickets online or at door