A Holiday Interview with David Brewer of Molly’s Revenge

We can’t tell you how excited we are to be hosting acclaimed Celtic/bluegrass trio Molly’s Revenge for our Holiday event at beautiful Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, CA on Saturday December 13, 2014. In promotion of their new album Wintersong, Molly’s Revenge will be accompanied by vocalist Christa Burch as well as several traditional Irish dancers.

Since it is a holiday event supporting a holiday album, we thought we’d take a moment to chat with member David Brewer about a few of his favorite (and not so favorite) holiday things:

SDFH: What is the best holiday gift you’ve ever received?
When I was 24 and on my first national tour with a Irish music & dance show, much of the tour consisted of shows in snowy east-coast states, ending up me in Pennsylvania on Christmas eve. The last trans-continental flight I was booked on to make it home to my family in California in time for Christmas had broken down, and I thought I was going to miss Christmas entirely, stranded in an airport. Well, that ground crew worked tirelessly to fix the plane, and fix it they did, sacrificing their Christmas eve so that I could return home. I never met them, and I’m sure no one ever thanked them, but I never forgot their sacrifice. Though unbeknownst to them, in my eyes, that was a gift– a true Christmas gift.

SDFH: What is your all-time favorite holiday movie?
There are many great ones, but all-time favorite, definitely National Lampoons Christmas— it just sums up everything about an American family Christmas weekend, for better or worse, and has so many elements we all can relate to.

SDFH: If you could strike one holiday song from the popular songbook, what would it be?
I love everything by Paul McCartney, but this song: A Wonderful Christmastime. I just wish it would go away, and apparently I’m not alone–even according to wikkipedia it’s one of those songs you either love or hate. It’s not the sentiment of course, it’s just too repetitive.

SDFH: This tour will be accompanied by a brand new album, Wintersong – which track off the new album would you want to be stranded on the North Pole with?
Difficult to decide, since we purposely tried to make the album a well rounded collection including all of the holiday moods, but if we had to pick one, I think we’d all say the Somerset Wassail, or Jolly Wassail as we nick-name it…the very track we’ve offered as a complimentary download on our website. It has all of the hallmarks of a classic carol of the season, angelically sung by Christa Burch, and then launches into a rousing Irish dance tune at the end, featuring the energetic virtuosity of the bands instrumental playing, so much so to inspire our dancers to leap to their feet & listeners to clap their hands!

SDFH: Several dancers will be joining you on this tour, along with guest vocalist Christa Burch. How do you feel these elements will contribute to the live performance and the overall feel of the new album?
Christa’s masterful singing shines like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, giving even familiar carols a captivating vigor, and the dancers create an exciting visual depiction of the instrumental music which memorizes & energizes onlookers to the point of hooting & hollering with joy.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, December 13th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Seaside Center for Spiritual Living (1613 Lake Drive ­ Encinitas, CA 92024).
Admission: All-ages. $18 for members and $22 standard. Tickets here.