Musicians Duet Better: SDFH Interviews Chris Stuart

San Diego Folk Heritage is excited to welcome bluegrass/folk duo Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley to Templar’s Hall in Poway, CA on Friday, January 16th. We think there is something special about the intimate yet powerful performances duos are able to deliver, so we asked Stuart to elaborate on this topic. Check it out!

You’ve performed in many different formations, band, solo, etc. What is special about a duo?
While a five-piece band has its own rewards with a big sound, Janet and I really love the duo format because it focuses on the songs and harmony vocals. Plus, it suits a more intimate venue better, which we love to play. And we travel a lot easier this way.

What is your favorite song to perform live together and why?
Probably “Shenandoah Wind” because the harmonies are fun and it always gets a good reaction from the audience. It’s a song from the point of view of a farmer going off and dying in the Civil War and his last thoughts.

What is the biggest strength your duo partner brings to your act?
I think we both are aware of our roles in each song to add to the overall effect. If Janet is singing, then I’m aware of my role as harmony singer and rhythm player – to draw the attention to her by playing underneath her voice so the audience can hear the words, but still have the overall rhythm, melody, and harmony supporting her. And she does the same when I’m singing lead or taking a break on the instrument.
Stuart Beazley
Do you cover any famous duets?
We do a couple of Louvin Brother songs and we love the Stanley Brothers and other duo acts, but we do mostly original material.

If you had to pick one of the following duets to cover together, which would you pick?: “Don’t Know Much” (Linda Rondstadt/Aaron Neville) or “Beauty and the Beast” (Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson)
If we could sing like any of those people, I’d feel more comfortable about answering that question!

Catch this amazing bluegrass/folk duo perform live on January 16th. For more information, click here.