Whole Hog

Aug 24 2024 - 7:30 PM

Whole Hog


Whole Hog is a bluegrass band that performs timeless hits, eclectic selections from the roots of Americana music. Their sound blends traditional bluegrass repertoire with Irish, vintage jazz, yodeling, country, western swing, honky tonk, original songwriting, and special requests. The band gets audiences on the dance floor, putting on entertaining shows at parties, festivals, and corporate events. Members’ personalities and comradery connect with audiences, while wowing them with instrumental mastery and lush vocal harmonies. This Ventura-based string band consists of Seth Andrey Oster on guitar, Keith Frankel on banjo, Charletta Erb on fiddle, and Corey Highberg on standup bass.

Seth is a contest-winning flatpicker, fingerpicker, singer, yodeler, and buckdancer. He has performed with Barbara Morrison and John Tchicai at venues such as the Catalina Jazz Club and the Lighthouse. Trained in jazz and classical guitar at Cal State Northridge, the multi-instrumentalist has continued to nourish his passion for bluegrass, pre-war blues, and gypsy jazz.

Keith found his true passion for music as a teenager when he discovered the five-string banjo. Before moving to California, he worked with a variety of Colorado-based string bands including the Swallow Hill House Band. In addition to performing, he has been a consummate educator and currently teaches at Boulevard Music in Culver City.

Charletta is a California State Adult Division Fiddle Champion recognized for her lyrical waltzes and clear tone. She has a deep affection for Irish and Old Time music. With her Rhonda Vincent-esque vocal quality, spunky stage presence, and soulful vocal harmonies, she’s graced the stage at festivals including Parkfield, Great 48, South State 48, Good Old Fashioned, and Topanga Tailgate Jam.

Corey sings and plays upright bass. He teaches, researches, composes, and performs music in a variety of styles. He has a Masters Degree in Musicology from CSU Long Beach.